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Telent or SSH AP-105

How can we telnet or SSH AP-105 (without console port access) to change Master controller IP ?

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Re: Telent or SSH AP-105

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Which method are you using for controller discovery? DNS name, DHCP option 43, ADP?

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Re: Telent or SSH AP-105



If the AP is already connected to a particular controller , why don't you do this from the controller under the AP group / AP System Profile ?

Thank you

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Re: Telent or SSH AP-105

can we enable telnet or ssh to connect AP 105 as the controller is down and i want to reset master controller remotely

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Re: Telent or SSH AP-105

In order to change the master IP on an AP which isn't connected to a controller you would need to either ensure the AP reaches the new master by one of the discovery methods already mentioned previously in this thread or consider factory resetting the AP via the  console cable. However even the factory reset AP would still need to be able to reach the master via a discovery protocol.

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