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VIA test on a master/local architecture


I would like to try a VIA deployment with a temporary licence.

In my architecture i have a master controler and 2 local.

I can't try it on my master controler because the temporay licence had already expired (3 times).

So i used the provided temp. licence on a local controler.


The VIA menu is now available on the web ui: all profiles, other etc..

So i try to follow the config guide, but:

Many parameters are blocked and seem to provided by the master (l2tp etc.) OK.

The VIA parameters: there are not available on the master due to the licence and it appears blocked on the local.


How can i edit that profiles ?

Is there any reboot to do on the local after adding the licence ?

Or should i need to "grant" the access to that profile on the local via the master ?


Thanks for your help.


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Re: VIA test on a master/local architecture

You would need a permanent license on your master controller to configure the VIA profiles that are pushed to the local.

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Re: VIA test on a master/local architecture

ok thank you


Re: VIA test on a master/local architecture

Collin so you need the VIA license on the MAster controller to push  the via profiles to the local controller 

AND you would need also a VIA license on the local controller to terminate the via tunnel on the LOCAL controller???




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Re: VIA test on a master/local architecture

Yes. VIA licensing is done per controller.

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