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Very hot IAP-225's



I have 4 IAP-225's being powered with 48v poe injectors. External temperatures while under 0 load is almost 131F, ambient temp around 73F. These are running Is this normal? 


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Re: Very hot IAP-225's

In a standard PoE+ switch, are the temperatures as hot?

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Re: Very hot IAP-225's

The backplate is metal and also acts as a heatsink.  It will normally get hot but I've never measured so can't say if what you see is normal.

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Re: Very hot IAP-225's

I have some IAP-215 running with powered over a POE-switch (same firmware as yours).

The janitor of the building where they are installed informed me lately of the hot surface of the APs.

We have not measured the temperature, but it seems normal as all of them show the same behaviour. Thus we chose to install them in a well ventilated area.

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Re: Very hot IAP-225's



AP 215 has 112 F on the heatsink with no Clients running at AC. So i think this would be normal.  More than 15W Power consumption is always getting hot.. also other Vendor APs :)

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