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Video over WiFI

We have a laptop that is connecting to the Internet to access a vendor site for language translation(video). Users are complaining that the video is pixelated and the audio is broken up. What I did in the mobility controller was, put my firewall policies for the website in high priority. Also, I set video share: 80%, voice share: 10%, background share: 5%, best effort share: 5% under WMM Traffic Management Profile. After setting these values, I did not see any significant improvement and the issues remain the same. As far as the laptop is concerned, it has a fresh O.S. All the device drivers are up to date including flash, java, shockwave, etc. 


I read a document from Aruba about QoS. I understand that it has to be configured end-to-end(from the end user device to all the path where the frames and packets are travelling from and to). But before touching the QoS config in our network, which I am very new to it and not yet sure where to start, are there things that I might be missing here? Maybe there is something that I can do more in the Aruba side(controller and APs). 





Re: Video over WiFI

Are u using Multicast? in order to transmit the video/audio?

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Re: Video over WiFI

I'm not using multicast.

Re: Video over WiFI

is this just watching video, or is interactive?


and if you go the vendor site wired there is no issue? do other video services (i.e. youtube) work ok? do you know the bandwidth that the video causes?



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Re: Video over WiFI

It is interactive video as patients and language interpreters need to do sign language.


I tested the vendor site thru wired connection and it had the same problem. site like youtube worked fine on both wireless and wired. I used NetBalancer to determine the bandwidth usage of the vendor's site, it was around 3MB-4MB for both download and upload.

Re: Video over WiFI

well in that case QoS or such is not going to help you much. either the vendor has an issue or you local internet uplink might not be good enough. perhaps try the vendor page from home or different location?

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