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VisualRF - manually drawing walls - it can't be this hard

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(sorry if I'm posting in the wrong location, not clear from choices where to go with this)


So, VisualRF -- have to draw and edit walls


I'm not used to having so little control with a linedrawing app (I'm used to Freehand/Illustrator/Bluebeam)...


I seem to have times where I can not select existing walls--at certain points, the only thing the app wants to do is create new ones--which is maddening.


  • Any way to constrain (make line 100% vertical or horizontal) while drawing a line?
  • Is there any trick to getting into "selection" mode, as opposed to "draw new wall" mode?
  • There has to be an option to get VRF to turn off the warning prompt ("Delete Selected Items?") that pops up EVERY TIME I WANT TO DELETE A SINGLE POINT/NODE.
  • Shortcut keys? Are there any?
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Re: VisualRF - manually drawing walls - it can't be this hard

This makes a compelling feature request.  Please add to the ideas portal in the support site.  Currently there's only the manual path for drawing walls, but I will bring up your suggestions with Product Management.

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Re: VisualRF - manually drawing walls - it can't be this hard

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Can we also find out when we can import AutoCAD files and have the walls on certain layers automatically added? This was one of the only features from Juniper/Trapeze Ringmaster that I really don't want to live without. At one point it was slated for *soonish* but havent heard about it since.

We've spent months updating all of our campus maps... I'm not eager to redraw all the walls ;)
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