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connecting to home PC via rap



We have a user who is running a RAP at home to connect to eduroam. He connects via the RAP but then cannot access his PC on his home network. We think that this is because the controller routes all attempted communcation back via the tunnel to the RAP.


Is there a security policy we can change to help with this? Or another solution?




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Re: connecting to home PC via rap

You would typically use split-tunneling:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Community-Tribal-Knowledge-Base/For-the-Beginner-RAP-Split-Tunnel-configuration-v2/ta-p/79788


You would of course have to identify what networks would need to be tunneled to the controller.  The rest could be bridged back to where the user has the RAP connected.

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Re: connecting to home PC via rap

Thanks, I'll take a look...

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