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large subnet sizes

We're planning to migrate our students connecting to eduroam from IPv4 to NAT and plan to use Radius VSA and named vlan pools to assign role/vlan. I haven't begun creating the NAT subnets yet and have an opportunity to increase the subnet size from the /22's we currently use for IPv4. Is anyone using uber-large subnets, say /21, /20, /18, larger?


Any issues to watch for with a larger subnet size? We're currently dropping broadcast/multicast. Running AOS Infoblox for DHCP/DNS.




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Re: large subnet sizes

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Re: large subnet sizes

i wanted to point out this thread but that was started by you also, did that VRD that cjospeh talked about help at all? that seems the most authoritative information you are going to get.



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Re: large subnet sizes

Unfortunately the large subnet VRD has not been finalized or released as of yet.... There are users that are running in this fashion, successfully, however.

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