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n+1 redundancy

Hi all,


I would like to provide redundancy to a number of independent branches, each of which is a single controller deployment with multiple VLANs.


I understand that I can deploy a central Backup LMS and that AP's can fail over to this controller through a site-to-site VPN connection between the local and central networks.


The Virtual AP Profiles on the local controllers use the tunnel forward mode, so all the VLANs of each local controller must exist at the central controller, am I right so far?


But how does traffic from the central controller get back to the local subnets/vlans? As far as I understand 802.1Q is a Layer 2 protocol, so I don't see how I can get the VLANs through the VPN tunnel?


Any advice is greatly appreciated, config examples even more so:-)


kind regards,


Mikael from Denmark

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Re: n+1 redundancy

You can use VLAN naming, so that the Virtual AP  in the Global Configuration has a VLAN name, but each individual controller has a different VLAN name to number mapping depending on the site.  https://arubanetworkskb.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/HowTo/R-904


When your access points fail over, your clients will have to re-acquire DHCP, however, because they will be on a different layer 2 VLAN.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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