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problems with guest WLAN since GeoTrust cert revocation

Our wireless network is made up of IAP 105s, about 200 of them. On Sept. 9, we received notifcation that GeoTrust was revocking the certificate that Aruba uses as its default, securelogin.arubanetworks.com, and that we would need to install one of our own. We did this through our certificate vendor, DigiCert, and installed the new certificate on all our IAPs, as well as making the necessary change in ClearPass. However, we continue to have problems with Guest wifi. The secure WLAN is fine, but guest users don't get the captive portal self-registration page on most attempts  - they do get it on rare occasion - but even if they do, they get no internet access. It does appear that they are getting an IP address in the guest network DHCP scope. Any ideas on what to look for to correct this?

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Re: problems with guest WLAN since GeoTrust cert revocation

You should open a tac case in parallel.  Your problem could be more complex than it seems.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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