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tunneled users in cluster gets no IP

We're running (due to the fact that we have several AP93) - and suddenly out guest network stopped working. They cannot obtain IP-address. 

Users on our backup 3400 controller running 6.1 AOS using the same VLAN and DHCP works so I can hardly see this as a network related problem. 


This is what I pick up from the logs: 

Feb 23 14:00:43 stm[2404]: <501053> <2404> <ERRS> |stm| Station 50:f5:20:b9:a3:45: STA UP sent to wrong UAC for essid GUEST


rebooted one of the controller and now it seems to work for that controller. 


Bridged clients still work OK. 



Re: tunneled users in cluster gets no IP

Are you using multizone? Is it possible that the guest network is tunneled to a dedicated guest controller which does not have the guest VLAN configured or allowed on the switch ports?

Michael Haring
Architecture and Implementation Consultant
Optiv Security Inc.
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