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RF Attenuation Values of typical Building Materials

I'm doing a WiFi design for new construction for the first time...no existing walls to measure signal loss. How do I predict the attenuation values of assorted walls based on their components? Some include significant sound-proofing batting.  Is there a reference list  of common building materials and their corresponding attenuation values? I appreciate any insight!

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Re: RF Attenuation Values of typical Building Materials

According to the CWNA Official Study Guide, attenuation of building materials is as follows for 2.4 GHz:


Foundation wall | -15 dB

Brick, concrete, concrete blocks | -12 dB

Elevator or metal obstacle | -10 dB

Metal rack | -6 dB

Drywall or sheetrock | -3 dB

Nontinted glass windows | -3 dB

Wood door | -3 dB

Cubicle wall | -2 dB


I have also been told that anything that blocks sound or light can also block wi-fi. Soundproofed glass or walls will certainly be a problem.


Other random things to note are speakers (the magnets can interfere with RF, so place APs at a distance from any speakers) and large sources of water (large aquariums, water towers).


I'd also love a more comprehensive list myself, but hopefully that helps with the basics!

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