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Vlan Pooling configuration issues.

I'm having issues adding a second client vlan to my 7210 controllers.

Current setup:

I have vlan 10 for management and vlan 11 as the first client DHCP. All is working ok so far. I want to add vlan 12 as the second client DHCP. Note that all above vlans are /22.


I know that the controller has to see all required vlans but I was given mixed info on the AP side. Some say that I need to pipe all required vlans to the AP and set its related uplink switch port as trunk. Others have said that I only need to pipe the management vlan to the AP and set its related uplink switch port as access. In the second option I was told that the client vlans would be encapsulated into the management vlan !


Which is the best method and how would the switch port need to be programmed?


Thank in advnace for the info.




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Re: Vlan Pooling configuration issues.

The access point VLAN is independent of the client VLAN, because all of the traffic is tunneled back to the controller.  To be clear, VLANs 11 and 12 do not need to be trunked to the access point.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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