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EMEA Airheads Webinars - May- Jun 2017
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The Airheads Technical Webinars are regularly scheduled live online technical discussions conducted by Aruba TAC team experts. The webinars are intended to help customer/ partners engineers further develop their understanding of Aruba technology and solutions. Topics to be discussed will vary based on interest at the time or relevant Aruba technological topics or announcements. 




ArubaOS - Cluster Manager

Tuesday, May 30th| 10:00 GMT | 11:00 CET

This webinar will cover ArubaOS' Cluster Manager, a combination of multiple managed devices working together to provide high availability to all the clients and ensure service continuity when a failover occurs.

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Aruba Instant AP- VPN Troubleshooting

Tuesday, June 27th| 10:00 GMT | 11:00 CET

This webinar will cover the IAP-VPN architecture which includes the following two components: IAPs at branch sites and controller at the datacenter.

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