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EMEA Airheads Webinars - May- Dec 2018

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The Airheads Technical Webinars are regularly scheduled live online technical discussions conducted by Aruba TAC team experts. The webinars are intended to help customer/ partners engineers further develop their understanding of Aruba technology and solutions. Topics to be discussed will vary based on interest at the time or relevant Aruba technological topics or announcements. 



 Aruba Central with Instant AP 

Tuesday, May 29th |  11:00 CET

During this webinar, we will cover the Central platform which provides a standard Web-based interface that allows you to configure and monitor multiple Aruba Instant networks / Switches from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.

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Virtual Switching Framework – ArubaOS Switch

Tuesday, Jun 26th |  11:00 CET

During this webinar, we will discuss how Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) allows supported switches connected to each other through Ethernet connections (copper or fibre) to behave like a single chassis switch.

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Introduction to AirWave 10

Tuesday, Jul 31st |  11:00 CET

During this webinar, we will discuss AirWave 10, a new software build that lets us streamline code, add performance, clustering.

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LACP and distributed LACP – ArubaOS Switch

Tuesday, Aug 28th |  11:00 CET

During this webinar, we will discuss how IEEE standard 802.3ad and its implications allow third-party devices such as switches, servers, or any other networking device that supports trunking to interoperate with the distributed trunking switches (DTSs) seamlessly.

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Switch Stacking – ArubaOS Switch

Tuesday, Sep 25th |  11:00 CET

During this webinar, we will discuss how the ArubaOS switch virtualization technologies can deliver high-performance and highly available switching while simplifying management and lowering costs.

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Policy-Based Routing in the branch – ArubaOS 8.x

Tuesday, Oct 30th |  11:00 CET

Generally, routing is done based on the Destination address. Policy-Based Routing (PBR) helps route the traffic based on L3-L7 information. This, in turn, helps to make use of all the available uplinks. To make use of this feature, we need to define a couple of Elements like PBR Nexthop, Route ACL, and attach points. Join the webinar to learn how. 

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Aruba AppRF – AOS 6.x & 8.x

Tuesday, Nov 28th |  11:00 CET

During this webinar, we will cover AppRF - a suite of application visibility and control features that are part of Aruba's Policy Enforcement Firewall. AppRF is a PEF feature that is designed to give network administrators insight into the applications that are running on their network, and who is using them.

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Advance Aruba Central

Tuesday, Dec 18th |  11:00 CET

During this webinar, we will cover a deep dive into Aruba Central and its features.

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