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EMEA Airheads Webinars - Oct- Dec 2017

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The Airheads Technical Webinars are regularly scheduled live online technical discussions conducted by Aruba TAC team experts. The webinars are intended to help customer/ partners engineers further develop their understanding of Aruba technology and solutions. Topics to be discussed will vary based on interest at the time or relevant Aruba technological topics or announcements. 



Configuring different APIs in Aruba 8.x

Tuesday, Oct 31st|  11:00 CEST

In this webinar, we will run through different API types and cases: configuration APIs (REST API), context APIs (NBAPIs), SDN APIs and explain how to make API calls via CLI.

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What does AirMatch do differently?

Tuesday, Nov 28th|  11:00 CEST

The existing channel and power assignment functions in ARM support channel scanning, channel assignment and power adjustments, locally. Decisions are made locally at the AP without looking at the entire network. Thanks to the dynamic machine learning techniques, AirMatch centralises this function in the Mobility Master while dynamically learning the network and adapting the RF planning for the entire network.

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Manage Devices at Branch Office (BOC)

Tuesday, Dec 19th|  11:00 CEST

During this webinar, we will discuss how branch controllers work and run through different deployments examples in 6.x and 8.x.

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