Guest Wireless Network

Thank you for your interest in using 's guest wireless network. This network allows limited access to 's private network. Use of this private network by anyone other than a guest is prohibited. Guests are asked to agree to the following terms and conditions before logging on.

Guest Wireless Network: Terms and Conditions

This is not a public network, you are about to enter the private wireless data network.

The guest wireless network is a limited wireless data network provided for guests of the university. No username or password is required.

Please note:

  • The guest wireless network does not deliver full Internet access and is engineered to provide a limited service suite to guests.
  • The guest wireless network is not secure -- guests should assume all use can be monitored by unauthorized parties.
  • reserves the right to terminate connections to the guest wireless network at any time without notification.
  • Support is limited to verifying whether the guest wireless network is currently operational, which can be done by calling xxx-xxx-xxxx.