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How does Airwave handles upgrades of hybrid IAP cluster

By AnandKumar Sukumar Unpublished


I have a cluster of 5 IAP - 105's and they are being monitored/managed by Airwave. What should I expect when I add an IAP 135 to the existing cluster.


This article implies to all versions of Airwave


Different IAP hardware requires different firmware version to operate. Below is the details of it.


Firmware Hardware
ArubaInstant_Aries   Aruba Instant code for RAP-155 and RAP-155P
ArubaInstant_Cassiopeia   Aruba Instant code for IAP-134 and IAP-135
ArubaInstant_Centaurus     Aruba Instant code for IAP-224 and IAP-225
ArubaInstant_Orion           Aruba Instant code for IAP-92, IAP-93, IAP-104, IAP-105, IAP-175, RAP-3WN and RAP-3WNP
ArubaInstant_Pegasus   Aruba Instant code for RAP-108, RAP-109, IAP-114 and IAP-115

If we have a cluster with IAP 105's (they run on ArubaInstant_Orion) and we add a new IAP - 135 (it runs ArubaInstant_Cassiopeia), then the VC (Virtual Controller) would not be able to upgrade the IAP - 135 to the code of the cluster.

If Airwave is monitoring or managing the cluster and we have the below options enabled, the IAP will fetch the firmware file from Airwave and instantly upgrade to the code of the cluster.

We must have the firmware file uploaded on the Airwave.

Navigate to Device Setup -> Upload Firmware and files and add the firmware file.


If the IAP are in monitor mode, we must allow firmware upgrade in Monitor only Mode.

Navigate to AMP Setup -> general page and enable the below option.


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Sep 08, 2017 11:41 AM

I am running Airwave version
and we have set it up to manage IAP's.
But the firmware upgrade seems not be working as described above.

Our setup:
we are using IAP325 and IAP305; and dhcp-option43/60 for ZTP of the devices.
When we setup the IAP325 as first device, it boots up, connects to Airwave and
is working as expected, including firmware upgrade.
But when starting an IAP305 as 2nd device in same subnet afterwards, that device is
not joining the Cluster due to firmware mismatch.
But you do describe that in this case that IAP305 should turn to Airwave to download
the proper firmware.

If we do shutdown the IAP325 and startup the IAP305 (as single AP in subnet) it works
the same as before with the IAP325 as first device.
Afterwards (both IAP running same firwmare version) forming a cluster is no longer an
issue and any other IAP305 will work without issues as well.

What am I doing wrong here ?
AMP-setup is exactly as you describe above.