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Installing Airwave 8.0.1

By j.easley Unpublished




Installing Airwave 8.0.1 using the OVA File.


Step 1- Get the OVA file from the Support site.


Support Site Download - Airwave.PNG


Step 2- Open VMware, go to file>open> navigate to the downloaded file and click open. You will then be prompted to name the new VM, then click import.


Opening OVA File 2.PNG

 Name the VM 3.PNG


Step 3- Now we wait.


Installing OVA 4.PNG


Step 4 – Power on the new VM


Installed Airwave 5.PNG


Step 5 – Configure Time, Static IP, DNS entry, Server Name, and New Password.


Configuring time 6.PNG


Configuring New IP 7.PNG


Renaming 8.PNG


Renaming 8.PNG


Chaing Root Password 10.PNG 


Step 6 – Log into the new Airwave.


Log in 11.PNG