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Password Recovery/Clearing/Re-setting on the switch for local login credentials.

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In the switch on the password is set up, there are chances that the password recorded might be lost, or forgotten.

On the switch, unlike the forgot password method that we use frequently, the process is a bit different.

Here we clear the passwords, in order for the them to be reconfigured.



There are 3 ways to clear password set on the switch : 

The first and the easiest : Clear button method.

>>> the clear button : 
on the management module/front panel of the switch > there will be a clear button 
using a paper clip press it for 7-10 seconds

that should do .
Take Caution : Do Not Press The Reset And Clear together This will wipe the switch off of its configuration.


The second : 
>>> The MGRinfo.txt  file method : this file will be containing the passwords that are set for the switch.
follow the steps :

> take console .

> reboot the switch.

> keep pressing 0 till you see this     => 

> then ls/  [enter / carriage return ] look for cfa0

> then cd cfa0 ​

>look for mgrinfo.txt by giving ls /

> then   :  rm mgrinfo.txt

> boot

that should do.

And the default username, if username is not configured would be manager, if configured you can use the configured username and access the switch. 

when accessing the password field would be blank and you would have to hit enter.


and the Third would be the one time password method :

Steps involved and requisites :

Requirements :
> console connection to the switch 
> remote session to the computer on which the switch is consoled.

Steps involved :
1) Obtain the MAC address of the switch.
2) Console into switch. ( NOTE : Telnet will not work - use console).
3) Press < Enter > if prompted for a User name.
4) Type in “ pwrecover ” at Password prompt.
5) Make a note of the number shown in the “invalid password (#)” output.
6) collect the MAC address and pwrecover number

7) once collected one time password will be generated and shared 

8) hold in the Clear button for 6 seconds.
9) Press Enter to get / enter the User Name (if prompted).
10) Enter the generated one-time-use password at the Password Prompt.
Once access to the interface is restored, they can re-enable the Clear button and Factory Reset using the following commands:
front-panel-security factory-reset enable
front-panel-security password-clear enable
Finally, configure  a new manager password 
NOTE: The pwrecover command cannot be used with the 'enable' command. It will only work during the initial logon prompt. If the switch logs you in as an Operator immediately after leaving the User Name blank during step 3, try entering pwrecover as both the username AND password. The same applies to the “User name ” prompt in step 9.

And for the 3 method, it is recommended that you have TAC on Call for the same as they can assist with OTP for the switch.

To do so , Find Country Support Number here : http://www.arubanetworks.com/support-services/contact-support/

For all 3 processes we need physical access, and hence it is recommended to have a window scheduled for the process.



Now the Reconfiguration of passwords : 

the command :

Password manager/operator < user-name>  plaintext  < password string >  

this will set the password


if the user-name is not set depending on the role it would by default take operator for operator , manager for manager.



To verify :

If the user/admin is locked out at the least by the second method the user would be able to gain admin/manager access back for the switch.


and once the password is set, need to ensure that a copy of it saved, re-try logging-in to check.