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ArubaOS-CX: How To Use The USB Option

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How doe the USB option in ArubaOS-CX work?

Is there anything we need to do to enable the use USB option in switch?  Like to copy firmware or configuration files?


Generally customer might expect once he inserts the USB drive in the USB port of the switch, it will be detected & he will be able to transfer files. 

However, with ArubaOS-CX switch we need to mount the USB drive after it is inserted in the USB port of the switch. Commands to mount can be found in configuration tab


  • If USB has been enabled in the configuration, the USB port on the active management module is available for mounting a USB drive.
  • The USB port on the standby management module is not available.
  • An inserted USB drive must be mounted each time the switch boots or fails over to a different management module.
  • A USB drive must be unmounted before removal.
  • The supported USB file system formats are FAT16 and FAT32.


1. The use of USB is enabled by default in ArubaOS-CX.

The no form of the command disables the use of the USB ports.  To disable USB ports when a USB drive is mounted, give below command in configuration context

switch(config)# no usb


2. If you want to use USB ports on the switch, below is the best practice.

We will have to give below command in order to allow use of USB ports on the switch.


Switch(Config)#usb mount 


In order to disable the use of the USB drive inserted in USB port, give below command or before removing the drive.

Switch(Config)#usb unmount


Below commands can be used to check the usb status

Showing the USB has not been enabled

switch> show usb

Enabled: No

Mounted: No


Showing the USB is enabled, but no device is mounted

switch> show usb

Enabled: Yes

Mounted: No


Showing the USB is enabled and a device is mounted

switch> show usb

Enabled: Yes

Mounted: Yes

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Feb 13, 2020 06:15 AM

20200213: We need to be able to LIST the files contained on the mounted USB drive.


20200715:  The following is currently the steps to show the files currently located on the USB drive:

AOS-CX 8320 How to list files on the USB drive:

HPE-AOSCX8320-Unit1# usb mount

HPE-AOSCX8320-Unit1# start-shell

HPE-AOSCX8320-Unit1:~$ cd /mnt/usb

HPE-AOSCX8320-Unit1:/mnt/usb$ ls c*       [NOTES <<< (C* = ALL files that begin with a “C”)]

config1-12718-04102018 config1-13881-04102018 config1-RUNN-20191101cd /mnt/usbusb mount config1.txt

HPE-AOSCX8320-Unit1:~$ exit

HPE-AOSCX8320-Unit1# usb unmount


Submitted to Aruba INNOVATION ZONE (20200715):  https://innovate.arubanetworks.com/ideas/SWITCH-I-499