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How To Save The Output Of A “Show Tech All” Command To A TFTP Server

By esupport Unpublished


What CLI command can be used to save the output of a “Show Tech All” output to a TFTP server?


The full command is:

copy command-output "show tech all" tftp <tftp server IP addr> <filename>


Rack2sw1# copy command-output "show tech all" tftp show-tech-all.txt

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Jan 20, 2021 09:53 PM

For completeness, the above command applies to ArubaOS Switches.

The command for AOS-CX switches is very similar.  The equivalent command is:

copy command-output "show tech" tftp://<IP>/<filename>

Or with SFTP:

copy command-output "show tech" sftp://<userid>@<IP>/<filename>

Or with the short-cut:

copy show-tech local-file sftp://<userid>@<IP>/<filename>