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How to reset Ambari Admin password?

By esupport Unpublished


Access to Analyzer Cli and Ambari Cluster management console via port 7183( https://<Analyzer IP>:7183)


If you dont have the "admin" password to login to Ambari UI, you can follow the below instructions to reset the password.


You can use ambari user __niara and password is the contents of the file /etc/opt/niara/analyzer/security/__niara-pwd to login to Ambari UI for resetting the "admin" user password.


Login to Analyzer cli and ‘cat’ the above file.


[root@ ~]# cat /etc/opt/niara/analyzer/security/__niara-pwd




Then cut-n-paste that as the password for user __niara (note the 2 underscores)


Once you are logged into the Ambari using __niara user account, click on user "__niara" on the right hand top corner and click on "Manage Ambari":


Click on Users under "User + Group Management" and click on "admin" user:


Click on "Change Password":


Enter "Your Password" as "__niara" password and configure "New User Password" as the new password for this "admin" user and click on "OK" to finish:




Login to the Ambari UI with the new "admin" password created in the above process to confirm its working.