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May MVP Member Spotlight: mkk

By Greg_W posted May 05, 2021 02:58 PM


Here at Airheads we are always looking for new ways to spotlight our MVP's because without them our community wouldn't be as great as it is today. They are always ready to jump on any questions you have or are open to dialogue of learning new and exciting techniques on how to operate Aruba products and software. 

In the 3rd Month of our series we had an opportunity to speak with @mkk about his experience with Airheads and ATM! Here is what he had to say!

Q:What is your Airheads username?
A: @mkk

Q:How Long have you been an Airhead?

A: I think its 4-5 years now

Q:What is your favorite board to hang out on Airheads?

A: Not specific one but mostly the "wireless access", "controllerless networks", "wired intelligent edge" and "security".

Q:Is this your first MVP?
A: I'm a MVP 2019, MVP Expert 2020 and now MVP Guru 2021.

Q:What purpose does Airheads serve for you?

A: It is a fantastic way to learn from other people's experiences and to share knowledge.

Q:What Aruba Products, if any, do you own(support)?

A: In my HomeLAB i have two 9004 branch gateways, AP-505, IAP-325, IAP-305, IAP-205, AP-105, an old 3200XM controller, UXI sensors, and all virtual stuff like Aruba AOS8, Airwave, ClearPass, Central

Q:Have you attended Atmosphere in person before?
A: I have been at the latest event in Croatia 2019 and have a great time there

Q:Are you planning on Attending Atmosphere Digital?
A: Yes for sure, last year there was also great content to present.

Q:What does it mean, in your opinion, to be an Airhead?

A: The community is like a Family that help each other. Learning from others experience and sharing knowledge make you better in the complex industry we do our jobs.