June MVP Member Spotlight: Cordless

By Greg_Weaver posted Jun 18, 2021 10:42 AM


Here at Airheads we are always looking for new ways to spotlight our MVP's because without them our community wouldn't be as great as it is today. They are always ready to jump on any questions you have or are open to dialogue of learning new and exciting techniques on how to operate Aruba products and software. 

In the 3rd Month of our series we had an opportunity to speak with @cordless about his experience with Airheads and ATM! Here is what he had to say!

What is your Airheads username?

A: cordless

How Long have you been an Airhead?

A: I guess since 2014 - not sure...

What is your favorite board to hang out on Airheads?

A: There is not one single board I favorite....cruising through out the boards searching for a specific answer or hint or trying to answer new questions within my skillset.

Is this your first MVP?

A: no, the second time

What purpose does Airheads serve for you?

A: quick answers for your daily work straight out of the real life

What Aruba Products, if any, do you own(support)?

A: AirWave, Instant, Controllers, ClearPass, UXI, RAP, VIA, AOS-CX, AOS-S

Have you attended Atmosphere in person before?

A: Yes, several times

Are you planning on Attending Atmosphere Digital?

A: Sure, but it has not the same flavor as having an ATM live on one site...

What does it mean, in your opinion, to be an Airhead?

A: I am proud being in such a technical community where everybody is helping each other. Getting help or help others with your experience is very important today. everybody is benefiting of this.