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2021 Airheads Year in Review

By Greg_Weaver posted Jan 18, 2022 10:00 AM


2021 Has come and gone and we have a lot to be proud of here at Airheads! So we are going to go through just a few of the highlights that made 2021 an amazing year. 


Airheads Mobile 

It has been long awaited and requested, and we were finally able to deliver. Airheads Mobile has been released on the Apple App store and the Google play app store. The Airheads Mobile app was able to give the user ease of access to the community in a easy to navigate design! We could not be happier with the way it turned out and are excited that there are already several hundreds of you, who have already downloaded and utilized the application. 


CX Simulator 
One of the initiatives that we set out for this year was education on the products. The CX Simulator was a huge part of that. We wanted to make it so you could familiarize yourself with the products so you had a better understand. This would not at all have been possible without @ruben-inglesias and the team. They have been working diligently to make sure that you have the most information possible to enable your success with your Aruba gear. We cannot thank @ruben-inglesias and the team enough for their contributions this year.  


HPE Community Joins Airheads 

In October of 2021 We here at Airheads community were pleased to welcome a portion of the HPE community  members over to Airheads. If you notice, the discussion community “Comware” was added to the forums and we were able to successfully welcome 20K+ new Airheads!  


Not only are we excited about the new additions to the community we have to take a moment to recognize those who have went above and beyond the call to continue in keeping the Airheads Community as strong as it is. A few standouts from this year are: 

Most Post: @parnassus (595) 

Most Accepted Solutions: @DB86 (33) 

Most Kudos Received: @parnassus (123) 

Most Kudos Given: @alagoutte (901) 

Most Sign-ons: @parnassus (334) 



And finally, we want to recognize the most engaged discussion forum. 

With 23,599 Discussion post and 112,465 replies and 1433 subscribers, “Wireless Access” forum is the most active forum on Airheads.