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Exclusive look at the next generation of HPE Aruba Networking Central (Webinar)

By Greg_W posted Feb 06, 2024 11:01 AM


 Exclusive look at the next generation of HPE Aruba Networking Central

Learn how new Central maximizes IT efficiency, reduces MTTR, and streamlines Day 0 to Day N operations in this technical demo.


The next generation of Central was announced at Atmosphere’23 in Las Vegas and is currently being used by select customers across the world. This webinar is the first-ever external demo showcasing innovations such as ‘time travel’, powerful network topology visualizations, near real-time AI-powered full-stack insights, and intelligent configuration automation. Join us to learn how Central transforms network operations with an AI-powered experience. We’d love to hear what you think!

Meet Your Speakers:
Miles Davis:
Miles is a Senior Director of Global Solutions at HPE Aruba Networking. He and his team have a wide array of responsibilities, including building reference designs that help customers adopt HPE Aruba Networking solutions, creating and delivering technical content, and developing a scalable demo platform that helps our customers understand our products and solutions. Miles has been with HPE Aruba Networking for over five years, and was at Cisco as a TME prior to that. He has a BA in Computer Engineering from Purdue University and is always taking at least one course from some online university
Sagar Dherai:
Sagar Dherai is a Product Manager in the HPE Aruba Networking Software & Solutions PLM team, responsible for solving network issues and augmenting the operator experience by providing AI-powered capabilities and troubleshooting tools on Central. He has been at Aruba for over 5 years, initially as a Technical Evangelist, later as a Solutions Architect focused on Central before moving to a Product role.


Time: 11:00am-12:00pm EST

Location: Microsoft Teams