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RF and Roaming Optimization for Aruba 802.11ac Networks

By Jamie E Unpublished


In the recent years, Wi-Fi has become a critical part of enterprise and campus networks. With the introduction of 802.11ac, which provides gigabit speed, many companies are moving towards all wireless offices. Moving to an all wireless office is cost-effective and provides a flexible work environment to employees, which enables them to work from anywhere. In an all wireless enterprise or campus network, where users are not restricted to working from their desks, roaming becomes an essential part of a wireless network design, people move to various parts of a building while on a Lync call using their smart phone and/or uploading/downloading files from the shared server.


To support this functionality, seamless roaming between access points is provided to ensure best quality of service and user experience. This document provides best practices and guidelines to optimize RF and improve roaming in the Aruba WLAN architecture that supports thousands of mobile devices such as laptops, smart phone, tablets, hand-held scanning terminals, and voice badges. The following areas are significantly impacted when a wireless network supports many roaming devices: 

  • AP Selection and Placement Recommendation 
  • RF Consideration 
  • Roaming Optimization 
  • Device Configuration

This guide discusses the design principles and configuration guidelines in each of the above areas.





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Will this setting apply to latest firmware Version for outdoor 375 AP's as we are facing coverage issue at far distance.

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