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It only takes 150 seconds for you to learn all about Airheads Community... check it out :)


To learn how becoming part of the Airheads community can help you address technical challenges on BYOD where mobile devices, security and wireless LANs meet, join the live video event on February 21st.  Video stream will start at Airheads Social homepage at 10am PST. 



Todd the Guru! Love it when he is trying to save that cat from the tree, haha :)


Let's share a little bit more detail and start with the WHY?


The networking industry currently has a strong need for a professional engineering community to address the multiple challenges related to consumerization of IT. Historically, Aruba’s Airheads conferences and the Airheads Online forum provided a small group of IT engineers and architects a valuable experience. Members had access to great content and valuable advice from experts but they have expressed an interest in growing this community. We are trying to extend the two-day Airheads conference experience of the past to all 365 days of the year.


Let's continue with the WHO?


The Airheads Community is developed for IT engineers who are being challenged to deliver mobility services to a highly mobile enterprise workforce. Engineers looking to grow and gain access to expert advice, take part in training and certification programs, or network with other professionals in the enterprise mobility space will benefit from participation in the community.


Let's finish with the WHAT?


The Airheads Community is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge on enterprise mobility, user dynamics, device types, applications and networks. Community members have access to a wide variety of professional development opportunities.

  • Airheads Social is our social-media community platform which acts as the central hub for all Airheads Community activities.
  • Aruba Certification and Training Program are designed to prepare member engineers to solve a host of complex challenges that extend well beyond the wired infrastructure.
  • Airheads Events allow members to collaborate at annual Airheads conferences, regional user group events and virtual events. For dates and information check out Airheads Social events page - 
  • Airheads MVP Program rewards members for demonstrating their knowledge as mobility experts. The more engaged members are with all aspects of the community, the more rewards and recognition they receive.

Hope this makes sense - looking forward to seeing you all join the community!


Thanks for tuning in!

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