Want to be an Airheads MVP? Here's how!

By marinadazza posted Nov 16, 2011 09:05 PM


What is an MVP? An MVP is essentially the top contributor in their chosen field!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MVP


Every year, the Aruba Airheads Most Valuable Player (MVP) program will select exceptional individuals who have been recognized by the community for their expertise, participation and contribution to the Airheads technical community.


What makes an Airheads MVP?


It’s tough to become an Airheads MVP. We look for excellence in three areas:


  1. Active participation in the Airheads Social community MVPs are active participants in the online community. They are recognized by their peers as frequent, knowledgeable contributors to the community and have the kudos from their networking colleagues to prove it.
  2. Provable expertise – Airheads MVPs are experts in the areas of mobility, wireless networking and security, and have proven it through achieving industry validated certification.
  3. Engagement with their peers – Airheads MVPs participate in gatherings of industry experts such as regional Airheads conferences and through participating in online knowledge sharing via webinars and other related events.

Some MVPs may be recognized for their exceptional engagement in one or two of these areas and our most lauded MVPs have a significant presence and impact in all three areas.


Rewards for being an MVP


Airheads MVPs have a unique identity in our extended community, and are awarded a number of valuable benefits and privileges, which may include:


  • Recognition of their MVP status on Aruba Networks online properties
  • The ability to display their MVP status on their LinkedIn page, resume, CV or other sites
  • The opportunity to speak as an expert at Aruba and industry events
  • Special, small-group briefings with Aruba executives
  • The opportunity for advanced access to upcoming Aruba initiatives
  • Unique appreciation gifts from Aruba

MVPs are selected on an annual basis, and MVP status is held for one year.  Promotion to MVP is given in August and the annual points process runs from August to July each year.  Selection of Aruba Airheads MVPs is based on the individual’s activity and recognized expertise in both online and offline settings.


How to Become an MVP

Each individual has his or her MVP score (MVPS) calculated annually.

An individual’s MVP score is calculated as follows: MVPS = C + E + AS

  • C is the component of the MVP score contributed by holding one or more advanced certifications
  • E is the component of the MVP score contributed by participating in Airheads events over the prior 12 months
  • AS is the component of the MVP score contributed by participation in the Airheads Social community over the prior 12 months


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What is the Aruba Airheads MVP award?
A1: The Aruba Airheads MVP award is an annual recognition award given to outstanding members of the Aruba Airheads community. Members are awarded MVP, MVP Expert or MVP Guru Status based on contributions made during the previous 12 months.


Q2: How does Aruba select its MVPs?
A2: Outstanding community members are identified based on their participation at Airhead events, level of certification, and contributions to the online community.


Q3: Do MVPs represent Aruba?
A3: No. MVPs are not Aruba employees, nor are they required to speak on Aruba’s behalf. MVPs are independent third-party individuals who have received an award from Aruba that recognizes their exceptional achievements and knowledge.


Q4: Do Aruba Airheads MVPs receive any payment from Aruba?
A4: No. The Aruba Airheads MVP award program does provide a small set of benefits as part of its core program offering, but MVPs do not receive any monetary payment from Aruba.


Q5: How long does the Aruba Airheads MVP award last?
A5: Recognition for MVP, MVP Expert and MVP Guru status will be awarded annually and is in recognized for 12 months. During this time, Aruba Airheads MVP award recipients are free to refer to themselves as Airheads MVPs and to enjoy all of the privileges that are included with their status.


Q6: What does Aruba expect of MVPs?
A6: Because MVP status is awarded based on past contributions, Aruba has no expectations of MVPs beyond the normal expectations of courtesy, professionalism, and the community rules that we ask of all Aruba community members. These rules are available in the Community Blog


Q7: How can I become an MVP?
A7: Members of the community can achieve MVP, MVP Expert and MVP Guru status based on both online and offline contributions during the previous year.  The MVP year will commence in July each year.  Therefore each community member has until the end of July to build up points to contribute to their MVPS.


Q8: Are Aruba employees eligible to become MVPs?
A8: No, Aruba employees are not eligible to become MVPs.


Q9: Are there any requirements to be awarded as an Aruba MVP?
A9: Yes, all Aruba MVPs must be 18 years or older.


Q10: Where can I find contact information for MVPs?
A10: MVPs can be found on the community platform, and will have stars next to their names.  Aruba does not provide additional contact information for its members for security purposes.


Q11: Where will I see my MVP status?
A11: After the first MVP awards are made (Commencing in July 2012), you will be recognized on the platform as an MVP.  Your username will have a star symbol next to it to indicate MVP level, and your ‘YOU’ profile will show your MVP status as well as other statistics from Airheads Social.  Furthermore, we will recognize you in blog updates or other activity on and off the Airheads Social site, including Airheads events.


Q12: Why can I see MVPs already on the site when the first awards do not commence until July 2012?
A12: A small number of pioneer MVPs were selected from the existing AirHeads Online community, to be a test group of MVPs upon launch of the program.  These MVPs were selected based on the same MVPS criteria, and agreed to test the MVP program.  All the pioneer MVPs will be held accountable to the same MVPS criteria from July 2012.


Q13: How do I contact the Aruba MVP program team?
A13: Please email us at communitysupport@arubanetworks.com or contact one of the moderators in the community for assistance.


Stay tuned for more details on the rewards and privileges of the MVP program.