Community Updates

By Jamie E posted 17 days ago


With the networking technology and data rates progressing faster than I ever thought it would, the Airheads Community team decided it was time that we began showing the community some technological love too. 


The community team has been working on quite a large surprise for Airheads and the users for a while now and the time to launch is drawing near. It has been about 4 years since we did a proper UI update, so to say it is overdue is an understatement. Rest assured that the content and the support will ALWAYS be our priority, but we’ve had a bit of extra time to spend on getting the UI up to the same level as the content and peer to peer support you all have always provided and come to expect.


In order to launch this update we are going to have to put the community in a read-only state for 2 days in order to get all of the content and data synced up. So hang in there with us. We realize this is less than ideal but it is only a short window and we feel you will love the finished product and the additional features will be worth the maintenance window.


If getting a sneak peak at what is coming interests you please leave a comment below and we will get you set up for testing.



5 days ago

me too!

10 days ago

I am excited to test this new community.

13 days ago

New community site looks very nice. 


14 days ago

Sounds good to me, sign me up!

14 days ago

Love to see it

14 days ago

Anything you do to improve this community is welcome.

14 days ago

bring it on!

14 days ago

Sign me up for testing

14 days ago

Love to see it! Thanks Jamie for all you do!