We are Honored

By LarryLunetta posted May 01, 2018 07:55 AM


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Most of us who have been in the security business for a while have a history of interactions with SC Magazine. If you go back far enough when the magazine published a paper edition, interactions included regular in-person visits pitching new products or technologies to the editorial staff.


That’s all changed, of course, but one constant is that the person shepherding the magazine’s editorial content has remained the same. Illena Armstrong was the person we met with on press tours and now, as the VP of Editorial for SC Media, she continues to help the security industry make sense of the myriad of threats, defenses, products and services that organizations need to deal with. 


Given her experience and the longevity of SC Magazine, it’s easy to see why their annual security awards are so coveted. As Illena observes in her column introducing this year’s award winners, entitled “Celebrating Security’s Best”, “It calls out the leading vendors and service providers actually bringing some clarity to a sometimes convoluted market.”


This year SC Magazine recognized 18 products and services providers for the best product or service in a specific category. Aruba IntroSpect UEBA was given the 2018 Trust Award for Best Threat Detection Technology. Given that a panel of 50 industry leaders across the spectrum of organizations and functions—many of them CISO’s—made the selection, the impact of the award cannot be understated.


We are particularly excited that the award citation highlighted the IntroSpect strengths that our customers have come to rely on:


  1. A new dimension of attack detection. The machine learning-based techniques that find attacks before they do damage (we absolutely love the “digital Sherlock Holmes” metaphor).
  2. SOC Efficiency. We have measured improvements in the incident investigation of up to 30 hours per investigation—and we deliver that to the SOC and underlying SIEM without changing their user interface or workflow.
  3. Better together. The tight integration between Aruba’s market-leading NAC solution (ClearPass) and IntroSpect illustrates Aruba’s 360 degrees of protection. This occurs by closing the loop between IntroSpect’s attack detection and ClearPass’ policy-based attack response actions ranging from re-authentication to quarantine to outright block.

To be one of 18 vendors selected for a Trust award from a sea of often confusing products and vendors not only honors IntroSpect but illustrates the momentum in the overall Aruba security business. Our security portfolio consists not just of ClearPass Secure Network Access Control and IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics, but a wealth of security solutions embedded in our wireless and wired networking products ranging from military-grade encryption to application-layer firewalls. Add to that deep integrations with over 120 technology partners in an open, multi-vendor architecture and you can see why this award is a capstone acknowledgment of our overall security business.


Those who know the security business know what this award means which is why we are so excited and honored to be recognized. We also see it as a responsibility to continue to provide valuable and meaningful security solutions to our customers and partners for, as Illena says, an industry at a “tipping point.”