Aruba Certifications - Why, What & How

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I had a chance to chat with many Aruba certified engineers during the last few weeks. I asked them about why they have chosen to get certified and what benefits they have seen as a result of it. Here are the top-5 reasons and benefits.


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1. Knowledge and practice is power for engineers in the networking industry. If you are a certified expert, you get things done faster with increased accuracy. As an authorized Aruba channel partner, Brian Hubert, aka. bhubert, highlights that his "customer interactions improved in accuracy and effectiveness after studying for and completing the Aruba ACDX Certification."


2. Designing and implementing a network infrastructure is only the start. IT engineers spend a lot of time making sure that the network is healthy. If not, they need to come up with a solution almost immediately to keep the users and rest of the IT organization happy. Zach Jennings, aka. zjennings, is responsible for managing a large scale Aruba wireless LAN. He notes that "Starting a config from scratch and doing it the right way is key to learning how to build and maintain a stable environment.


3. Networking can get complicated - and really quickly. Especially if you are running an Aruba wireless LAN with many options to enable advanced network services. Bill Carr, aka. billcarrjr, works for an authorized Aruba channel partner and claims that "training and certification is the only way to understand not only the basics, but also to develop an understanding of the inter-relationships of all of the parameters."


4. As an engineer, it all starts with building trust about who you are and what you know. Getting certified gives an engineer the confidence to get the job done - but it also gives others the confidence that you are the man for the job! An Aruba wireless LAN customer, Mike Narine, aka. mnarine, states that "being certified enables me to provide higher level of service and provides [others] with a greater level of comfort." Another Aruba wireless LAN customer, Ryan Holland, aka. Ryan, has similar things to say in his video below. By the way, important to note, he is ACDX#1 and ACMX#1! 



5. Last one is an obvious one: IT organizations want to hire experts. For service providers, resellers and distributors, it is critical to employ engineers who can help them define and execute more profitable professional services. For enterprise IT, it is all about reducing IT costs; employing those who can get things done faster and better would only help. Samuel Perez, aka. samuel.perez, works at one of Aruba's authorized channel partners in Spain and here is what he has to say on the topic.



I also had a chat with Aruba's training team and asked them about how they define, develop and deliver Aruba training courses and certification exams. It is certainly an art form to not only keep track of all the changes in our industry but also to be able to train subject matter experts. Kevin Hamilton, aka. TrainerGuy, is the manager of certification and curriculum development at Aruba Networks. He has been sharing several knowledge base articles on the topic: In his expert profile below, he shares his views on the benefits of becoming a certified mobility expert. 



Bottom line: If you have been thinking about getting certified in wireless and mobility, time is now! Take a look at for curriculum details, class schedules and more.


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The best way to start with ACMA certification... details about Aruba certifications and training classes/schedules can be found here:


Details about the certifications are here:


Training and certification forums are here:

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