ClearPass Deployment Guide

By j.easley posted Dec 18, 2015 09:17 AM


The ClearPass Deployment Guide is intended to assist Aruba SEs and network administrators, as well as
customers and partners, in deploying ClearPass Policy Manager.

This guide is organized in a way that presents the recommended sequence in which ClearPass deployment
should take place, and makes the major deployment tasks easy to understand and implement.


The ClearPass Deployment Guide includes the following information:
l Chapter 1: Install and configure ClearPass hardware and virtual appliances.
l Chapter 2: Prepare the Aruba Mobility Controller for integration with ClearPass Policy Manager.
l Chapter 3: Integrate ClearPass Policy Manager with Microsoft Active Directory.
l Chapter 4: Set up 802.1X wireless authentication with Active Directory.
l Chapter 5: Design and deploy ClearPass clusters.
l Chapter 6: Configure the Aruba Mobility Access Switch for 802.1X wired authentication.
l Chapter 7: Prepare ClearPass for LDAP and SQL authentication.
l Appendix A: Describes how a typical 802.1X authentication session flows when using ClearPass as the
authentication server with Microsoft Active Directory as the back-end user identity repository.
l Appendix B: Use the ClearPass Configuration API to configure or modify the entities in ClearPass without
logging into the Admin user interface. Information about how to access the entire set of APIs available
through ClearPass is also provided.