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ClearPass Serial Connection

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  • 1.  ClearPass Serial Connection

    Posted 2 days ago
    Good afternoon 

    Question: Is there a part number for the serial ClearPass cable? We do not have the serial cable that came in the box. We have tried multiple null model cables brand with no luck getting console. Any suggestion using a third-party cable? 

    Another option is to use a serial to rj45 converter so I can plug the C3000 appliance to the open gear console server. 

    Thank you in advance, 

    Configuring the Policy Manager Hardware Appliance

    The initial setup dialog starts when you connect a terminal, PC, or laptop running a terminal emulation program to the Serial port on the Policy Manager hardware appliance.

    To configure the Policy Manager hardware appliance:

    1. Connect the Serial port.

    a. Connect the Serial port to a terminal using a null modem cable.

    b. Power on the hardware appliance.

    The hardware appliance is now available for configuration.

    2. Configure the Serial port.

    Bit Rate: 9600

    Data Bits: 8

    Parity: None

    Stop Bits: 1

    Flow Control: None

    Nils Lau
    Nova Southeastern University