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IAP-504 Performance Problems

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  • 1.  IAP-504 Performance Problems

    Posted Jan 20, 2022 06:32 AM

    i'm looking for some help troubleshooting performance problems i have with new IAP-505 APs.
    We have 12 IAP-505 on our site, all connected to aruba 2530/2540 switches with 1GB.

    i manage all IAPs over the virtual controller. we have 6 different wireless-networks configured.
    the networks have, besides the SSID, the following differences:

     - static VLAN for the network traffic
     - use of 2,4 GHZ, 5 GHz, or both
     - activated bandwith features (High throughput, very High throughput, high efficiency)

    my problem is that the clients don't seem to use the max possible bandwith.

    first example, in the Office-WLAN i have notebooks that have a signal above 25 with an AC connection but are negotianting to a speed of 65 Mbps.
    in this example even the AP marks the speed as red, so it only uses under 25% of the max possible bandwith.

    second example, again in the Office-WLAN i have notebooks that have signal above 25 and negotiate a speed of over 200 Mbps.
    if i copy a file from the fileserver the copy-speed never gets better than around 15 MB/s.

    the notebooks i tested with are macbook-pro and different HP pro-book or elitebook (the one i'm currently testing is 1 week old).

    we installed the new system last year (2021) and it's slower than the old motorolla-enviroment we had before, wich was 7 years old then.
    on other sites of our company we run older IAPs (204 and 304) wich don't have the said problems, but also run a much older firmware.

    i would guess i made some configuration errors but can't see them.
    any advice or idea to solve the problem would be welcome.


    Wilfried Rolfes

  • 2.  RE: IAP-504 Performance Problems

    Posted Jan 20, 2022 09:33 AM
    I would try turning off High Efficiency to start and see if that helps with your issues. I would also take a look at your channel overlap if your able to perform any type of site survey. If you have a lot of co-channel interference (overlapping channels of the same number) they this can also have a negative effect on your throughput. Decreasing radio power to recommended levels (around 9 for 2.4ghz and 15 for 5ghz) might help reduce this if your power levels are currently set much higher. You may need to walk the areas afterward to make sure that didn't create and coverage holes.

    Each client will have different capabilities, and depending on how many antennas they have it will also effect how many spatial streams they use. For example a Phone or Tablet may only have 1x1:1 or 2x2:2 (transmit antenna x receive antenna : Spatial streams) but a laptop may have 3 or more. You can then look at the following chart to see where the device lands with the spatial streams, channel width, and SNR.:

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