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Airgroups and Aruna instant -

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  • 1.  Airgroups and Aruna instant -

    Posted Oct 28, 2021 02:18 PM
    Running Arubna Instant 8.9.0 and cppm 6.10.2

    Is ther anything special you need to do to get airgroups running over multiple networks

    Have a cluster of 303H aps supporting 2 vlan s

    cotw  - wpa3-enterprise  network for  all our  mac/iphones runnig eap-tls using clerpas as a CA/onbaording device
    mydevices - wpa2-psk network  devices need registered on clearpass guest   performs macauth and  use downloadable user roles to aply an "allow all"  acl set to  devices. All  headless  deviices live on the mydevies ssid

    ISC dhcp/dns server provides all the background stuff.
    2930 switch acts a a router between the vlans

    Everything works fine apart from  airgroups . All  amazon alexa stuff works, can talk to my printer on mydevices but cannot see Airgroup/print/play  devies on the cotw network at all .

    Clearpass guest device registrations are set up as "shared" devices so anyone  should be able to see them

    Attached files are
    1) Instant airgroup config
    2). Clearpass mydevices authentication of epson printer
    3).  Clearpass airgroup  service relating to epson printer

    worked just fine  on a controller based setup

    Cant help feeling I've got somethnig missing


    Alex Sharaz