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Aruba instant AP issues/Authentical/disconnect/Loss of signal

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  • 1.  Aruba instant AP issues/Authentical/disconnect/Loss of signal

    Posted Dec 08, 2021 12:03 PM
    I am currently having a huge issue and was hoping someone will help me here. I have a cluster of 34 instant AP. Users authenticate through a windows radius server but all the IAP are been profiled via clearpass and assigned to the correct VLAN. We created policies/service for the Guest Access and after reordering the services, the problem started. There isnt any problem/error when i checked the access tracker in clearpass.
    However, the wifi signal has gone bad. When users try to connect, they stay on CONNECTING. Today Users were been disconnected non-stop and the wifi signal has become extremely bad in some areas of the building. Can someone help me with this...Thanks in advance 

    Emmanuel Egbewatt

  • 2.  RE: Aruba instant AP issues/Authentical/disconnect/Loss of signal

    Posted Dec 09, 2021 05:17 PM
    there should be no correlation between reordering of the ClearPass services and change in RF signal.
    if this is impacting connectivity the way you are describing it, please contact our support centre to resolve it

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