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A local community of Aruba education customers across Australia/NZ. This group will be moderated by Aruba staff and kept up to date with any upcoming training or events that are relevant to the EDU space.

What's next after 802.11ac Wave 2?

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  • 1.  What's next after 802.11ac Wave 2?

    Posted Aug 07, 2016 08:02 PM

    We are starting to hear a little about the development of the new 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard that will hit the market in a few more years. I certainily have been talking about it when speaking to people about where Wi-Fi is today and where it is heading. There is a nice blog by one of my colleagues that is worth a read.



    If you really want a deep dive click on the link in the blog where you see the name Chuck Lukazewski.


    Keen to hear your thoughts.