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Airheads members' Points: how it works and how/why they changes (increasing/decreasing)?

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  • 1.  Airheads members' Points: how it works and how/why they changes (increasing/decreasing)?

    Posted Sep 23, 2021 04:44 PM

    Premise: I don't care about "Points" associated with my Airheads community profile (it could be 0, I live well anyway)...but I believe something strange happened lately about that meter: until a few days ago, when I browsed the Wired Intelligent Edge discussion section (Technology), I was used to notice some Airheads' "Active Members" listed (among them there was/is mine) with a score associated (unit: "Points").

    I recall I've seen mine topping at about 14k points just few days ago...while now it's about at 10k and this noticeable difference made me to think: "What's going on? what are those points? and why that number - score - changed (decreasing so abruptly) that way when, normally, I see it slowly increasing by units?".

    I always thought they could be related to received Kudos but, probably, it's simply not that and the algorithm behind that score is a little bit complex (personally I'd prefer to see just a Kudos counter instead of a "Points" counter...but, in the end, it doesn't really matter).

    I don't care, I don't see "benefits" in that score...but now that 14k->10k negative variation made me curious enough to ask the question here.

    Edit: I'm not lunatic, below a proof:

    As of today:

    As it was cached by Google on (example) 4 September:

    All scores went down...

    Davide Poletto