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  • 1.  LACP-BLOCK error

    Posted Dec 29, 2021 09:06 AM
    Dear members,

    I would like some help to understand what may be happening with the LACP configuration I made in my test environment to be able to apply to my network:

    I configured Link Aggregation, in the lag 1 interface the following attributes were configured in the interface:

    lag 1 interface
      on shutdown
      in routing
      vlan trunk native 1
      vlan trunk allowed all  
      lacp mode active
      fast rate
    1/1/1 interface
       on shutdown
       lag 1
    1/1/2 interface
       on shutdown
       in routing vlan access 50
    1/1/3 interface
       on shutdown
       lag 1

    Same way configured on the other switch, but even so, the port status is as block.

    Can anyone help me understand what it might be?

    Welington Silva de Lima

  • 2.  RE: LACP-BLOCK error

    Posted Dec 30, 2021 09:17 PM
    Hi Welington Silva de Lima, first I believe this post should be moved on the Wired Intelligent Edge community (or on the AOS-CX Simulator community if you're just playing with it).

    Let me ask how the other switch is configured...since the corresponding lag1 status of the peer (Partner) switch looks not good to me (PLFOEX) while the local (Actor) lag1 looks good enough (ASFOE) except for the Out-of-Sync state of both physical interfaces due to Partner's lag1 state.

    Davide Poletto