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HP 2920-48G Switch (J9728A) Firmware upgrade from Web GUI

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  • 1.  HP 2920-48G Switch (J9728A) Firmware upgrade from Web GUI

    Posted Dec 16, 2021 12:10 AM


    I am new to HP/Aruba environment.

    I am trying to upgrade firmware of HP 2920-48G Switch (J9728A) from  WB.16.05.0013 to WB.16.10.0017.

    I am trying it from Web GUI and couldn't find any how to do steps online.

    Appreciate if some one could post the steps here.

    Note: Two HP 2920-48G Switch (J9728A) switches are in stack. 



  • 2.  RE: HP 2920-48G Switch (J9728A) Firmware upgrade from Web GUI
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    Posted Dec 16, 2021 03:31 AM
    Are you using the traditional or the Improved GUI?

    The improved GUI has "nextgen" in the URL and is presenting the dashboard when you first login.
    The traditional GUI doesnt have dashboards and is presenting the Switch Status page when you first login.

    You can switch between both:
    In the traditional GUI by clicking on "Access Improved GUI" in the upper right corner.
    In the improved GUI by going to User Details ->Launch Traditional GUI.

    Both GUIs support firmware update

    In the Improved GUI:
    You should extend the menu "System" on the left side panel and select the "Firmware Update" menu.
    You will be presented with a screen which allows you to drag and drop a file from your PC or browse to a file in the folder in your PC. Please note that this way you are uploading the file to one of the 2 firmware images, primary or secondary. You can select which image will be update. 

    Once you drop or select the file and the switch validates that it is a valid file, the button "upload file" will become active. Clicking on it starts the download of the firmware to the selected image. Once it is ready a message will be displayed.

    In order for the switch to start using the new firmware, it has to be rebooted from the image which was updated.  There is a reboot button in the upper right corner ( the first icon on the left of the search field). Once you click on it you are presented with a message, asking you to select the image to use upon reboot. If you updated the primary image in the first step, you should select primary, if you updated secondary, select secondary. Select the image and click on yes. The whole stack will reboot and run the new version after the reboot.
    The stack commander will push the updated image to all stack members, this will happen behind the scenes and no user interaction is necessary. There is no way to make the stack members reboot in sequence so that one switch is always active. The whole stack will reboot that's why downtime has to be planned.

    Some more details about primary and secondary image. This are independent partitions and the switch can be booted from either primary or secondary. You dont need to update both, it is even beneficial to have different versions in primary and secondary. For example you can update primary, reboot from it and keep the old firmware in secondary. In case you determine that the stack is not working properly with the new firmware in primary you can downgrade very fast by just rebooting the stack from secondary.

    If you are using the Traditional GUI:
    Go to System ->Updates/Downloads.
    On the bottom of the page you will see the section "Software image" with Primary and Secondary partition. You should select which image/partition you want to update. As mentioned above the switch can use either of them.
    After clicking on button "Update" against the selected partition, the switch presents the Button "chose a file". Clicking on it gives you the opportunity to select the firmware file you want to install from a folder on your PC. After the file is chosen click on "Save". The switch will display a message that the file upload is in progress. After the upload is finished you should see the new firmware version in the selected partition. However in order to activate the software you need to reboot the switch from the partition that you updated.
    Here is a difference between the Improved and the traditional GUI. The traditional GUI doesnt allow you to select which image should be used upon booting.

    There is a button REBOOT which doesn't provide this options and will reboot the switch from the partition from which the switch was booted the last time. If you updated the same partition from which the switch booted the last time, booting from the GUI should update the version.

    If you are not sure, you should go to the CLI and enter the following command depending on which partition you updated.

    switch#boot system flash primary


    switch#boot system flash secondary

    The switch will reboot and will run the new version.

    Please note that the options for the Improved GUI are valid as of version 16.10.x. It is possible that 10.05 doesnt have all the same options in the improved GUI.

    Emil Gogushev

  • 3.  RE: HP 2920-48G Switch (J9728A) Firmware upgrade from Web GUI

    Posted Dec 16, 2021 08:28 PM
    Hi Emil,

    Thank you for the detailed writing.