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FANs are always at max speed

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  • 1.  FANs are always at max speed

    Posted Oct 15, 2021 10:33 PM
    I am getting this error on a brand new JL658A

    Diagnostic tmp1 failed with error code 0x2000000 on management module 1/1

    The fan is at max. 

    Also, when I run show environment temperature:
    S0057SWT001# show environment temperature
    Temperature information
    Mbr/Slot-Sensor Module Type temperature Status
    1/1-Switch-ASIC-Internal line-card-module 42.00 C normal
    2/1-Switch-ASIC-Internal line-card-module 57.12 C normal

    1/1-CPU management-module 38.19 C normal
    1/1-CPU-Zone-0 management-module 39.00 C normal
    1/1-CPU-Zone-1 management-module 39.00 C normal
    1/1-CPU-Zone-2 management-module 39.00 C normal
    1/1-CPU-Zone-3 management-module 40.00 C normal
    1/1-CPU-Zone-4 management-module 40.00 C normal
    1/1-DDR management-module 33.25 C normal
    1/1-Inlet-Air management-module 0.00 C fault
    1/1-Mainboard-IBC management-module 28.94 C normal
    1/1-Switch-ASIC-Remote management-module 42.06 C normal
    2/1-CPU management-module 45.44 C normal
    2/1-CPU-Zone-0 management-module 43.00 C normal
    2/1-CPU-Zone-1 management-module 43.00 C normal
    2/1-CPU-Zone-2 management-module 43.00 C normal
    2/1-CPU-Zone-3 management-module 43.00 C normal
    2/1-CPU-Zone-4 management-module 43.00 C normal
    2/1-DDR management-module 41.25 C normal
    2/1-Inlet-Air management-module 27.12 C normal
    2/1-Mainboard-IBC management-module 30.94 C normal
    2/1-Switch-ASIC-Remote management-module 58.00 C normal

    Anyone know its this just a faulty switch or can this be fix?


    Ivan Marquez

  • 2.  RE: FANs are always at max speed
    Best Answer

    Posted Oct 17, 2021 06:16 AM
    Hello Ivan, in my opinion (and only looking at logs you posted) that VSF Member 1 "1/1-Inlet-Air management-module 0.00 C fault" log line sounds related to an Hardware issue (did that inlet air temperature sensor failed?) especially because the VSF Member 2 reads "2/1-Inlet-Air management-module 27.12 C normal" which sound more reasonable. Less probably, a software related issue: with that regard, what software version is exactly running on your ArubaOS-CX VSF?

    Davide Poletto

  • 3.  RE: FANs are always at max speed

    Posted Oct 18, 2021 03:08 AM
    Hi Ivan,

    This is definitely a HW related issue and the device needs to be replaced. Either contact your seller, or open a case with Aruba.

    Stanislav Naydenov

  • 4.  RE: FANs are always at max speed

    Posted Oct 19, 2021 11:51 AM
    I had this issue with one of my new 6300Fs, there was a faulty fan and it caused them all to run at full speed. The 6300 Release notes state the following:

    Switch fans will run at full speed when a fault is detected with the temperature sensors in the switch. This is
    normal behavior to ensure overheating does not occur. Should the fans run at full speed at unexpected times,
    check the output of show environment temperature and show environment fans, then contact support for
    further assistance.​

    You need to initiate an RMA with your seller or with Aruba directly. For me they send a new switch out and it arrived in two days, then you send the faulty one back with the shipping label they provide.

    Kyle Higgins

  • 5.  RE: FANs are always at max speed

    Posted Oct 19, 2021 12:20 PM
    Thanks for the replies,

    After talking with Aruba support we deducted that it was a faulty sensor, so we are going to get an RMA.

    Device has already been swap with another one and problem disappear.

    Thanks once more.

    Ivan Marquez