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dhcp relay on 6100 switch

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  • 1.  dhcp relay on 6100 switch

    Posted Mar 15, 2021 06:53 PM
    is there any way that DHCP relay can be turned on on 6100? To bad Aruba actually do not support this or I am missing something here.

  • 2.  RE: dhcp relay on 6100 switch

    Posted Mar 15, 2021 08:33 PM
    The 6100 are entry level access switches. They can act as a DHCP client, but do not offer any other DHCP features like DHCP Server or DHCP Forwarding.

    Dustin Burns

  • 3.  RE: dhcp relay on 6100 switch

    Posted Mar 16, 2021 02:34 AM
    Thanks. I figured out that. But I have assumed this since it can do some L3 routing. Aruba should have it as pure L2 switch.


  • 4.  RE: dhcp relay on 6100 switch

    Posted Sep 14, 2022 08:41 AM
    As of CX 10.10, this is no longer the case and DHCP relay is supported on the 6000 and 6100 series.
    as per the configuration guide

  • 5.  RE: dhcp relay on 6100 switch

    Posted Sep 15, 2022 04:16 AM
    There is a great resource for checking what is supported on ArubaOS-CX switches on what FW version.

    AOS-CX Feature Navigator

    Best, Gorazd