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job scheduler creating empty file, manual run works fine

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  • 1.  job scheduler creating empty file, manual run works fine

    Posted 16 days ago
    I have created a job to do a weekly config backup and on my switch stack this works well, but I have a small edge switch (an Aruba 2530 8G PoE+ Switch (J9774A)) and on this the job appears to run, but it only ever creates a 0 kb file with no contents. When I run the scheduled command manually, the file contains the config as expected, so it appears to be an issue with the job scheduler.

    The job is as follows:
    job "Backup-Config" at 16:30 on Sun "copy running-config tftp 10.X.X.X /ArubaSwitchCFGs/EdgeSwitch.bak"

    In an attempt to fix the issue I have upgraded the firmware from YA.16.03.0004 to YA.16.06.0006, but this hasn't had any effect on the problem.

    Any ideas on what to do/check to get this working?

    Aaron Smith

  • 2.  RE: job scheduler creating empty file, manual run works fine

    Posted 16 days ago
    Does the command work properly when it is run manually? I'm seeing that you're trying to copy to a subdirectory on the TFTP server - does the same command work as expected if you specify only the filename?

    Matt Fern
    Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Aruba Switching
    Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

  • 3.  RE: job scheduler creating empty file, manual run works fine
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    Posted 16 days ago
    Hi Matt, thanks for the reply, yes, when run manually the command works properly. I will try changing it to the root directory as suggested to see what happens though.

    Edit: After trying it to the root it seemed to run twice without issue, so I deleted the file in the subdirectory and it then worked twice in a row without issue there too. From memory, the first run did successfully create a good file before, but it was subsequent runs that deleted the file contents or created a blank one, so perhaps deleting the file and recreating it fixed some leftover permission problem caused by the previous firmware and allowed the file to be overwritten correctly. I will wait to see what happens on Sunday now in case there is some other environmental issue at that time.

    Edit 2: Scheduler ran at desired time and successfully overwrote the previous file so above process worked.
    In summary:
    1. Update to latest firmware
    2. Delete any files from previous attempts
    3. Successful file creation on subsequent attempts

    Aaron Smith