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Questions about deploying unmanged VGW on ESXi from Central

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  • 1.  Questions about deploying unmanged VGW on ESXi from Central

    Posted Oct 09, 2020 04:31 PM

    Hi Everyone,


    I've deployed a few VPNC gateways with physical controllers and have been able to get things going as i understand they should be setup.


    I'm currently trying to deploy a VGW. I've got the OVA deployed with the .iso file loaded, and it's managed and online in Central. My issue is it's running on VLAN 4094 and DHCP, and i'd like to move it to the correct VLAN, lets call it 100.


    Well vlan 4094 now has an IP in the range i want to assign to VLAN 100.

    VLAN 4094 has an ip of


    So i tried to set a static IP on VLAN 100, and then remove on port 0/0/0 i want to apply VLAN 100 as the access VLAN. This is where I hit an issue:





    Port/VLAN configuration should not be modified for cloud VGWs.

    The VGW has 3 ports available, but if i try to assign a new VLAN to any of them it complains. If i say 'yes' the gateway seems to lose access.


    My confusion is, it says i need to set a system IP address, but i can't use a DHCP vlan for that. So what am i missing here?

    I've tried to go through the details here: But that's mostly focused on the actualy deployment of the VM, and i seem to have done that correctly. I also tired to create a Gateway pool at the group level, but the VPNC wont let me assign that either. When i go to Pool Management under the config of the VGW the option doesn't exist. If i look at another customer in the same place on a physical 7024 i can assign gateway pools.


    Is there a new document specific related to the VGW configuration in central? The SD-Branch Fundamental Guide also doesn't mention the VGW. The Aruba SD-Branch Solution Guide does mention vgw, but not with ESXi.


    How should the topology look on a VGW? Can i do what i do with 2 ports for uplink and 1 port for LAN? Can i deployed it on 1 interface in a DMZ?

    Thanks for any info you might be able to offer, and if i need to provide more details please let me know.



  • 2.  RE: Questions about deploying unmanged VGW on ESXi from Central

    Posted Oct 14, 2020 04:32 PM

    I also have tried the vgw-static options during initial boot, but either it's too fast or just ignored by input, and it seems to have just jumped straight to the central ZTP config:



    I've opened a TAC case and am working with our SE to see what the correct process is for this.


  • 3.  RE: Questions about deploying unmanged VGW on ESXi from Central

    Posted Nov 25, 2020 01:03 AM
    You'd put all your trust on VMware and hope that there are no unknown security holes in their product. You can be pretty sure, there are some. Also DoS attacks, password interception and brute force hacking. Just don't expose anything on the internet if there is no good reason MyGroundBiz

    Maudie Bashirian