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2920-24G PoE + with RYU controller

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  • 1.  2920-24G PoE + with RYU controller

    Posted Jan 17, 2020 12:21 PM


    I am using the HP switch 2920-24G PoE + in Openflow 1.3 mode with a RYU controller.  I am trying to get a basic topology. I have created 2 VLANS, one vlan for the controller and another for the hosts.

    I am trying to run Ryu controller's example  
    I have worked with RYU controller with other switches, even with mininet and it works perfectly. However with the HP switch 2920-24G PoE switch, it does not work, no message is observed in the RYU controller.  I observe in the switch the controller connection UP, however, the RYU controller does not receive any messege. Could someone help me figure out what the problem is?. Thank you in advance for any information.


    The running configuration is as follows:

    hostname "HP-2920-24G-PoEP"
    module 1 type j9727a
    snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
       controller-id 1 ip controller-interface vlan 1
       instance "of1"
          member vlan 2
          controller-id 1
          version 1.3 only
       no ip address
    vlan 1
       name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
       no untagged 13-24
       untagged 1-12
       ip address
    vlan 2
       name "VLAN2"
       untagged 13-24
       ip address
    The openflow instance information is:
    HP-2920-24G-PoEP# show openflow instance OF1
     Configured OF Version         : 1.3 only
     Negotiated OF Version         : 1.3
     Instance Name                 : of1
     Data-path Description         : of1
     Administrator Status          : Enabled
     Member List                   : VLAN 2
     Pipeline Model                : Standard Match
     Listen Port                   : None
     Operational Status            : Up
     Operational Status Reason     : NA
     Datapath ID                   : 0002040973aee4c0
     Mode                          : Active
     Flow Location                 : Hardware and Software
     No. of Hardware Flows         : 2
     No. of Software Flows         : 1
     Hardware Rate Limit           : 0 kbps
     Software Rate Limit           : 100 pps
     Conn. Interrupt Mode          : Fail-Secure
     Maximum Backoff Interval      : 60 seconds
     Probe Interval                : 10 seconds
     Hardware Table Miss Count     : NA
     No. of Software Flow Tables   : 1
     Egress Only Ports             : None
     Table Model                   : Policy Engine and Software
     Source MAC Group Table        : Disabled
     Controller Id Connection Status Connection State Secure Role
     ------------- ----------------- ---------------- ------ ------
     1             Connected         Active           No     Equal

  • 2.  RE: 2920-24G PoE + with RYU controller

    Posted Jan 18, 2020 11:17 AM

    The problem is solved.

  • 3.  RE: 2920-24G PoE + with RYU controller

    Posted Jan 20, 2020 12:25 AM

    Hi @FabianMM ,

    Can you please provide the details of the solution, how it was fixed.


  • 4.  RE: 2920-24G PoE + with RYU controller

    Posted Aug 03, 2020 08:53 PM

    Can you please how to solve the issue? Also, are the additional configurations required if I use ryu-manager based on openflow1.3?

    I have failed to connect ryu-manager with switches based on openflow1.3.