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Inaccurate AP inventory between the Airwave and the controller

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  • 1.  Inaccurate AP inventory between the Airwave and the controller

    Posted Jul 12, 2021 02:05 PM
    Hi All,

    Our company has several Airwave servers and controllers and we are facing an issue of inaccurate inventory match between the two systems, Airwave and controller.

    When a new AP is added and configured by the controller, it will be added, as well, to the Airwave's "New" list and then we add it manually to the "Monitoring" list.

    And since we are managing a large number of APs and several Airwave servers, it is difficult to track the new APs manually since the "New" list has duplicated APs that are added to the "New" list because it may exist in one of other Airwave servers but not this one, so we cannot tell which is a new added AP and which is already monitored AP by the other Airwave severs. To solve this issue with the least efforts, we decided to ask the technician team to notify us before install a new AP so we can add it to the "Monitoring" list in the Airwave once installed and configured.

    But that was a bad solution because sometimes the technician team does not notify us and as a result the AP inventory monitored by the Airwave servers is not matching the controller AP inventory because the AP will be added to the "New" list not to the "Monitoring" list.

    So, the question is that is there a ready-made solution, an API or a suggested method to automatically add the new configured AP by the controller to the Airwave "Monitoring" list directly instead of or along with the "New" list to avoid the mismatching and the inaccurate inventory readings?

    I will be glad to read your valuable thoughts and suggestions.

    Best regards,

    Abdulwahab Alzahrani

  • 2.  RE: Inaccurate AP inventory between the Airwave and the controller

    Posted Jul 21, 2021 07:41 AM

    On general settings of Airwave, you have some parameter for this
    Add New Controllers and Autonomous Devices Location:

    PowerArubaSW : Powershell Module to use Aruba Switch API for Vlan, VlanPorts, LACP, LLDP...

    PowerArubaCP: Powershell Module to use ClearPass API (create NAD, Guest...)

    PowerArubaCL: Powershell Module to use Aruba Central

    PowerArubaCX: Powershell Module to use ArubaCX API (get interface/vlan/ports info)..

    ACEP / ACMX #107 / ACDX #1281