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Eddystone TLM question

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  • 1.  Eddystone TLM question

    Posted May 28, 2021 03:57 PM
    two questions related to the spec and its implementation in Arubas:

    • "Battery voltage is the current battery charge in millivolts, expressed as 1 mV per bit. If not supported (for example in a USB-powered beacon) the value should be zeroed."

    This shows up in the telemetry message as Sensors.Voltage rather than Sensors.Battery - why is that?

    • "Beacon temperature is the temperature in degrees Celsius sensed by the beacon and expressed in a signed 8.8 fixed-point notation. If not supported the value should be set to 0x8000, -128 °C."

    My beacon is definitely sending 0x8000 but it shows up in Aruba as Sensors.TemperatureC = 0.  Should the Aruba recognize 0x8000 as meaning it's not present and then set it to nil / null in the protobuf?

    Christopher Piggott