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Auto prepend country code to guest mobile phone registration

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  • 1.  Auto prepend country code to guest mobile phone registration

    Posted Nov 29, 2021 07:44 PM

    I'm looking to simplify the way guests enter their mobile phone numbers during self-registration.

    Currently, I have a guest self-registration form that asks for the guest mobile phone number. This is to send their password via text. The international code and the first mobile number are already in the field and the guest only needs to complete it with the rest of their number. For example, the international code for Australia is 61 and the mobile phone format is 04XX XXX XXX but the zero needs to be dropped for international calls and texts. So the field is auto-populated with 614 and the user needs to add XX XXX XXX, which should make 614XX XXX XXX. A lot of users find this confusing and end up entering 6104XX XXX XXX, which doesn't work and they need to re-register.

    It would be ideal if the field wasn't pre-populated with anything and it allowed users to enter 04XX XXX XXX, then ClearPass automatically replaced the leading 0 with 61. Is this possible?

    The closest solution that I've found is to use a regular expression to validate that the number has been entered in the correct format, similar to the following link. I'd say this isn't ideal but is an improvement on just creating accounts with incorrect mobile numbers.

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    How can I prevent guest users from entering '+' sign or '0' in front of country-code in the visitor phone number field during self registration? Few SMS service providers are not looking for '+' sign or '0' or '00' in front of the international phone numbers to trigger the sms. Providing these values in front of country code during self-registration may fail to deliver the sms to recipient.
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