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Cut/Paste into EVE-NG html5 'Guacamole' console

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  • 1.  Cut/Paste into EVE-NG html5 'Guacamole' console

    Posted Sep 07, 2021 06:16 AM
    For all that use the html5 console with eve-ng and wondering how to cut/paste from a pc/mac note pad or text based app into the html5 console:-

    From  within the console, and ensure you are in config editor mode if wishing to 'paste' configuration texts.

    ctrl + alt + shift  (Windows)
    ctlr + command + shift (Mac)

    The Guacamole editor will appear

    • select and copy desired text from a note pad text editor or word processor
    • select the guacamole clipboard text field , a paste of the text should automatically appear
    • select 'text input' radio button to return to the Guacamole console
    • select the console with mouse button, right click mouse button to paste ( or mac mouse equivalent for right click)

    Steve Bartlett