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AOS-CX Simulator Lab - Using NAE to monitor IP SLA

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  • 1.  AOS-CX Simulator Lab - Using NAE to monitor IP SLA

    Posted Apr 12, 2021 09:46 AM
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    This lab guide explains how to demonstrate the benefits of NAE (Network Analytics Engine) by showing automatic actions taken when IP-SLA reports average RTT higher than a pre-defined threshold. The use-case is kept as simple as possible so it can be easily reproduced. In this demonstration, when the direct link between CX1 and CX3 is down, traffic is re-routed through a backup path that has higher latency. IP-SLA detects the latency increase and automatically performs a "show ip route", so that the network admin can see and troubleshoot what happened during this event, the said event that could have been transient and during off-hour support time.

    In the attachments you will find:
    • Overview Video
    • Lab Guide
    • EVE-NG Lab Import File