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HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1820 48G J9981A - VLANs

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  • 1.  HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1820 48G J9981A - VLANs

    Posted Mar 21, 2022 11:28 AM
    I've recently purchased two 1820 48G and I've been trying to configure VLANs membership for some time now but seems like I am not figuring it out by myself. so maybe someone can help me.

    I set up the switch to connect to an uplink port with another device (Aruba Ion 1930 24G) as follow:
    Tagged 101,110,500,800,810
    Untagged 1
    PVID 1

    That's true for both switches althought I cannot really visually tell for the 1820 switch because there is such no indication in the Port Configuration WebUI, just that the Port VLAN ID is the vlan ID 1. But I am assuming tagged VLANs are configured as far as Port Membership shows as Tagged vlans.

    But then as I try to set up an interface as Untagged for some other VLAN ID other than 1 the switch just don't link up. Am I missing something?
    I've several OfficeConnect 1920 48G configured the exact same way and it works straightforward.

    Spanning tree is disabled on both ends and the current firmware is PT.02.14

    Rodrigo Esteves

  • 2.  RE: HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1820 48G J9981A - VLANs

    Posted Mar 31, 2022 08:45 AM

    In Aruba, Tagged=Trunk Port and Untagged=Access Port.
    I hope you are assigning based on this.